What is NexT ?

Knowing that merely using a Trading software isn’t enough to be successful in money markets, our Founders have devised a complete end-to-end “System” for Trading & investing. This means that not only do you get a Trading software but also Training in “Trading Psychology”, “Capital & Risk Management”, “Trading Strategies for different markets” & “Regular support sessions” in physical and virtual form.


What is the success rate of NexT software?
The probability of success may vary from 50- 80%

Does the system work well in flat, market correction and bear market?
The system works equally well in bull, bear, market correction and flat market.

How many percent of traders are successful?
There are hundreds traders and many are very successful. Quite a handful of them are Professional full-time traders and they make a living trading using the system.

How do we short-sell stocks to make use of down-trending stocks to make money?
We will show you the way to short stocks using Futures Contracts or options. In fact, short-selling ensure us the ability to make money in all market conditions. It allows us to sell down trending stocks first and then buy back later at lower prices. We need not buy back on the same day as we use Futures or Options and could keep short positions for a long period of time. In fact, under many situations, short positions are safer and more profitable than long positions.

I do not have trading background. Would I have difficulty in learning the techniques?
The system is easy to learn and master under our clear guidance and directives. You do not need experience in trading. The system works for retired individuals who started off having little or zero IT knowledge as well as college-going students.

Would there always be enough opportunities for trading?
Opportunities are a plenty in bull, bear, market correction and flat market.

Would I sustain big losses using the system?
We do not limit our gains. We let our profits run its full course. In other words, we cannot dictate the market and we have to let the market decide what gain it wants to give us. Our gains are usually huge.

What is the average gain per trade?
We do not limit our gains. We let our profits run its full course. In other words, we cannot dictate the market and we have to let the market decide what gain it wants to give us. Our gains are usually huge. Please see success stories for example.

What is the average duration per trade?
Our shortest duration trades take 2 days. Our longest duration trades may take 4 months and that happen when the stocks are in gradual uptrend, without retracing. In other words, the profits keep increasing.

What market does it trade?
The system is applicable in all markets. However, one market is more than sufficient for our gains.

Would support be provided after the training?
Unlimited support and complete guidance is provided for all graduates until total independence which should be very soon upon completion of training. In fact, we provide unlimited email support, post-course meetings (free clinic sessions with our volunteer mentors) and most importantly free member trade posting in the member site – a totally unprecedented move in the industry. We’re the one and only one doing that because our trades are real and workable as we’ve promised. All course attendees are also welcome to sit through the course again for free except paying the nominal hotel expenses.

Do I have to monitor the market all the time?
Little time is required once your system is set up. Just 10 to 15 minutes a day is sufficient. Furthermore, the system does not require you to monitor prices in the day time. We anticpate price movement and set buy and sell signals the night before transactions.

Who should be taking the course?
It is meant for both new traders as well as experienced traders. This technique is useable by professionals and non-professionals (such as self-directed traders).

What are the pre-requisites for taking the course?
There is no pre-requisite for taking the course. There are no pre-course reading materials. Attendees do not need to know conventional Technical Analysis techniques at all. However, a basic knowledge of PC will be useful for implementing a trading environment.

Is NexT meant for long-term or short term trade?
Our trade could take from 2 days to weeks to the maximum period of 4 months for completion as we allow our profits to run its complete course before we exit positions. We do not and would not hold on to any losing positions.

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