Dr. Shoeb Burhani after graduating with a MBBS degree from India worked with various MNC's in the Oil & Gas Industry. He earned various certifications in QHSE in different countries like USA, France, Singapore, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei & India. Having to travel extensively in his work, he has worked in over 22 countries across the globe.

Trading since college days, Dr. Shoeb Burhani was always passionate about learning about the stock market and master the technique of investing and therefore attended various courses and seminars to learn about stock trading.

He was content with his professional career, but the pull of the stock market was inevitable. Although he was not very successful as a stock trader, he continued investing hoping to discover the winning formula.

It was in one such course that he attended in Singapore , he realized that Stock Trading can indeed be done in a methodical and scientific manner and it was not all just about luck and instinct as it is with most of us. In 2008, trading with the system he made a phenomenal SGD 100,000/- with an investment of mere SGD 3000/-.

Aziz Burhani is a highly successful Stocks & Commodities Trader. He is also a certified Coach with NexTInc and has trained hundreds of Traders all across India.

Aziz has over 10 years of experience in the stock market. Like with many youngsters Aziz was lured by the Stock Markets at the young age of 16 and has been trading the markets since 1989.  He was introduced to NexTInc by his brother Dr. Shoeb Burhani.

Apart from Trading, Aziz also spends a lot of time to train and guide young traders to be successful in stock markets. He has travelled the length and breadth of the country to conduct seminars and Training sessions for Investors.

Students often call him The Master of Trading psychology because of his deep understanding and focus on Trading Psychology.

Architect & Co-founder of NexT, Stock Trader & a Technocrat, Pashin lives by the motto that every problem has in itself an opportunity for growth.
One of the reasons of his success is attributed to his Trading Psychology and strong Money Management skills, which according to him are more important than anything else.

He believes that a trader can only be successful in stock market if you stay disciplined and focused. The moment a Trader allows anxiety and stress to creep in, he deviates from his plan and gets wiped out.

Pashin too dedicates a lot of his time to train people, both novices and experts and believes that learning never stops and is a continuous process.

He is thoroughly committed to the growth of the community and is a point of reference for many members seeking support.


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