Profit using Next in F&O - June 13
I am happy to share my success in F&O June 13. Short selling in NMDC and OPTO circuits following Next rules gave me very good profit and I made nearly 1L. Thanks to our teachers, Guru Dr.Shoeb Ji, Mr. Aziz, Mr.Pashin and to my mentor Shri Sripathy. I owe my success to their guidance and excellant support.

Profits for 51Days
I have been a member since 25th September 2013
This is a small analysis of whati the system has generated for me since then.
10 Profit bookedBig Grin
8 Loss booked Angry
3 Active above entry price Heart
5 active long around entry price Wink
Today market was closed on occasion of moharram sgx nifty60+ Big Grin
If i quit all my positions as of monday as per Friday closing(sgx 60+ while i am writing this post) I would have made Rs.1,38,400/- 27% returns from 25 Sept to 15 November 2013
Thank You Next Thank You AZIZ Thank you thank you thank youBig GrinHeartBig Grin

!!!Bumper Profits in Volatile markets!!!!


I am very happy to share that even in such volatile market conditions since Dec 2010, NexT Inc has helped me to minimize losses and maximize profits. I have shorted Punj Lyod at 97 and I am already in more than 150% Profit!!!, I have also shorted Aban and its almost 60% in profit!!!. Next is the best system for the stock market. Not only are our losses minimized but there is absolutely no tension during market Up/Downs.

I have been a NexT Inc Student for quite some time and I can say with pride that I have made Money in Bull, Bear and Flat markets using NexT System. Its very easy and simple to understand, no need for any Technical or Fundamental knowledge.

My special thanks to Dr. Shoeb Burhani who Started it in India for common investors like us.

Best Regards
Dr. Ashfaque Hajwane

A Change In Attitude


In the time before NexT Inc if I had to see my portfolio today, I know I would have been depressed with the amount of loss I would have made and further more always living with the regret that I should have sold earlier and booked a larger profit.

The amazing thing is that now I no longer worry about it. The Next system has proved to be, beyond a doubt the most stress free trading system.

Today I can proudly say that because of the system my Profit Protection sells were far more profiting and Cut Loss sells were far less loss making.

Over all my bank account tells me that I have completely recovered the cost of the course in under 4 weeks.

I also now am not intimidated by trading in Futures.

My special thanx to Dr. Shoeb

NexT Inc ( Save Your Self Time Energy Money)

Riding the Wave

Hi Friends,

With great pleasure I am posting my first success story on this forum. After attending the first course in India, I went on a screening spree and came up with Dabur and Mcleod.

I brought: 200 Dabur @128 and 200 Mcleod @123.50 around 15th Jul.

Dabur didn’t move around much..and within 2 weeks it hit the trough at I got out of that and put the money in Ceat Ltd around 10th Aug and bought 300@ 136.30.

I was holding both for a quite some time and my returns stand at a cool 36% total in 2 months. Mcleod (+67%) hit a new high of 224 and Ceat (+17%) touched 166 yesterday. Even if I were to book profit at 80%, I’d still net in almost 30%. Thanks to Dr.Shoeb for introducing me to the system!!

Thanks to the NexT Inc Bandwagon

I became a member of NexT Inc group after attending the workshop on 28th & 29th August,2010 at Bangalore. Though I was on & off in the share market for the last 15 years, I was more an investor than a trader. Due to lack of knowledge and incorrect methods, the returns were less and I had missed out many opportunities to book profits.

In the NexT Inc workshop, Mr.Sripathy Ramachandran gave very good over view of the market, emphasized the need for discipline, psychology, change in mindset required to trade correctly and stressed the need to follow NexT Inc rules scrupulously. Charts and their interpretations were explained in detail.

I started adopting NexT Inc methods from September 2nd week onwards. I am very happy to inform you that the results so far are good and the scripts selected from Dr.Shoeb’s list have appreciated. I will follow the NexT Inc rules and I am sure that I will be able to trade correctly and reap benefits. Thanks to NexT Inc, for the wonderful system, Dr.Shoeb and my mentor, the calm, composed, receptive and knowledgeable Mr. Sripathy.



it’s been three months that i have been a part of NexT Inc and it’s been an enriching and awesome experience.

I have made some mistakes initially but that’s because I let my emotional quotient take over. You learn from your mistakes and I have and now I blindly follow the system. I have got myself into auto pilot mode and it’s been great going.

Trust me friends it’s very important to be a good trader, and the money will follow and for that u should BLINDLY FOLLOW THE SYSTEM.

I am much more at ease ad relaxed ever since I have been following the system. Trading has ever been so simple.

Thank you NexT Inc especially Mr Aziz and Mr Pashin who trained us, and a special thank you to Aziz for always replying to my queries.

Dr Shoeb what can I say, I eagerly wait for your T-Post n Sundays. I don’t look beyond the stocks u list. A big thank you for the efforts u put in

Thank you


Hi Friends,

First of all I want to thank My mentor Mr, Andre Shackleton for the great support.

I have completed 4 month as NexT Inc student. The system is very easy and now I never worry about my stock, there is very clear indication to buy n sell (peak n trough) so why should i have to worry. I am very happy to be part of NexT Inc system.

In the month of July I have book 400% profit. I have not only recovered my course fee but i also recovered my past loss and + more profit.

I trade only in futures.

Now, I can say that I will become Multi Millionaire through NexT system. and I will.

My special thanx to Dr. Shoeb.

Ashish Patel


Respected Team Next,

The Mass Gathering on 12 Sept was a great experience. Listening to Shoeb Burhani was like Lord Krishna reading the Bhagwad Geeta for us.

Though a Psychologist, I had forgotten the main medicine in my field. NexT Inc has given me a booster dose of it – SELF CONFIDENCE. Without this you cannot stand anywhere. After so much of wrong entries or importantly wrong exits, my confidence level had dropped to -ve.

Now being a Next'ian I can proudly say, “Yes, I can profit in the stock market.”

And this confidence reflects in my trades. Rest of the things are so simple. Just Follow the rules.

Very special thanks to Next from my kids. Why?…. They got their smiling mom back

Thanks & regards,
Pallavi Raut,


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