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As a NexT’ian alumni you have privileged access to the Forum that encourages discussion between practitioners to help each other. This hugely popular forum is an active

To start with NexT provides is an intensive 2 days course designed for experts and novices alike. It covers every aspect of trading right from the basics to advanced stock trading strategies. The 2 days Course opens up your doors for an informed and educated journey into the Stock Market giving better understanding of BSE Sensex, Nifty etc. It offers an insight into the mistakes most traders/investors commit while trading or investing in the Stock Markets. Highly important investment concepts like ‘Probability of Winning’ and ‘Risk: Reward Ratio’ are not only explained but emphasised. The Course provides a much needed advantage in this chaotic market by preaching our time tested method and technique. The Course encompasses various topics like Trading Psychology, Capital & Risk Management, Chart reading techniques, Trading Strategies. Our experts teach you how to trade with the maximum probability in your favour. They also teach you how to minimize your risk and maximise your gains.

 As the course is designed by Professional full time traders for traders, it offers an insight into the trading styles of successful traders and how they are different from the 95% of the people who follow herd mentality in the Stock Market. The course helps you in developing the traits followed by successful traders and the secrets behind successful trading in the Stock Market.

The course helps you in developing the skills of a trader and also explains why trading is a much better option than investing in today’s day and time. It also throws light upon the risks involved with intraday trading and why one should avoid intraday trading and opt for End of Day trading instead.

The system advocates the imperativeness of a system and that the software is just a tool and not a system in itself. You will learn how to identify a system from a software and that chart analysis is not about following technical indicators but an art which needs to be mastered even before you can start trading.

Some of the salient features and benefits of the System are:

  • Powerful yet Simple to Understand

  • No need to be the expert. The System guides you throughout

  • Makes you a smart trader following the Smart Money

  • Generates fantastic returns

  • Has been proven with time

  • Makes money during Bull, Bear and Choppy markets

  • Minimizes losses and maximizes profits.

  • Does not need you to constantly monitor the market


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